Levi Coffin House State Historic Site Interpretive Center
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The Interpretive Center at the Levi Coffin House State Historic Site in Fountain City, Indiana is nearing completion and we are asking for your help to bring this long-standing dream into full reality. This $3.6M project will open in Dec. 2016 and will allow this important part of Indiana’s History to be open to the public full-time. Walls are up, heating and air conditioning systems are being readied and our electrical systems are in place. In spite of a historic fundraising effort, we are not all the way to our goal – which is to make this facility the centerpiece of Indiana’s Underground Railroad history.

Your donation can help us bridge this final gap.

$1000 makes you a member of the Coffin Society, an organization that will be recognized at the site and will receive updates once the facility opens.

$300 buys a reclaimed wood stair tread that directly brings the past into the future.

$100 helps us paint one of the rooms where we’ll tell the Coffin’s story.

$20 buys a portion of the floor tile our visitors will finally be able to stand on.

No matter the size of your gift, it is appreciated and it is essential.

If you have any trouble with your online donation, please call 317.232.1637 to speak to one of our agents.

$1000 Donation
$300 Donation
$100 Donation
$20 Donation

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